Same Dream, Same Destination

Kissing in the clam of a lonely station
Cradled in the arms of the great creation
We forget the future and the past is gone
And every road that bends is where the world begins and ends

Shaking all the pain of the life we’re living
Staking every claim on the love we give
Because it beats believing that we’ve been deceived
And now we’re free to fly it’s not a duty to descend

Dreaming of the day when my eyes can open
Opening my eyes to the day that’s dawning
Where the sky is higher, where the road is long
Until we’re lost in wonder where the world begins and ends

Feeling all the wheels turn, carry me over
Take me to the place, push my further and further
From imagination and the chains of freedom
Not a destination just a place where I can be

What I want, And what I need, It’s the same thing
Same Dream, Same destination


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